1 Dozen Buff Orpington Eggs

Corey NC

12 Years
Mar 28, 2007
North Carolina
I will have 2 sets of Buff Orpington eggs to be sent out next week. One set to be sent out on Monday (4-7-08) and the other Wed (4-9-08).

I will send out the freshest possible plus any extras avalible.

$18 plus shipping - MOs only.

Pictures of Stock can be seen through the link in my sig.

I will try and post up a picture of some of the offspring I've hatched tommorrow.

Feel free to pm or email me with any questions or concerns.

Dang Corey....If you would have posted this yesterday.! I just bought some today and was hoping to get them from someone on here. I found some 45 miles from me and went and picked them up after work today...

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