1 dozen Exhibition Type Single Comb White Leghorn


11 Years
Feb 25, 2011
My girls are finally laying! I have set and checked fertility and we are good to go for the season. This line of Leghorns has produced champions for myself and also for several of my customers. The Sire to these eggs is the rooster pictured. He was reserve champion Mediterranean at the Missouri State Fair in 2009 and has produced 2 pullets since then who have been on champion row for others that I know of. Thanks NPIP flock as well as certified Avian Influenza Clean.

This is a 2 day auction. I would like to send them Sat or Mon morning

I usually have very good luck with shipping but cannot guarantee condition or hatch rate of shipped eggs. Shipping to continental 48 except Virginia. I will add any extras I have on shipment day! Thanks

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