1 Dozen Muscovy Eggs - Chocolate, Lilac/Blue Fawn, Buff

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    I am offering up 1 Dozen eggs from a couple of my girls that are currently laying. I am getting 2 eggs a day right now and the mommas are Jenga & one of the other 2 Hens listed. They are all being bred by the same drake(pictured below), which they adore and are almost never away from for long, lol.

    The eggs will be shipped in a Flat Rate Box, I will begin collecting tomorrow & date the eggs as they are collected.

    **Jenga has been caught laying a couple times so I know she's responsible for one egg. These 3 girls all got locked out of the coop a few nights ago with Fatty and i discovered 2 fresh eggs in the outside nesting area.**

    Fatty - Chocolate Drake

    Jenga - Chocolate Pied Hen, Currently Laying.

    Zoli - Lilac Pied

    Tanny - Buff/Tan-colored Hen

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    Jun 27, 2007
    I just want to tell anyone that is interested in this auction...you won't be sorry! Bleenie does a fabulous job of wrapping/shipping her Muscovy Eggs. I've got a big batch of them going into the incubator tomorrow :)


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