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Oct 28, 2009
Derbyshire, England

Based loosely on this photo i found yesterday I decided i needed to build my 12 week old chick a new house before he gets big enough to go in with the rest .. When that time has arrived I will use the coop I made as a broody coop, If i ever get a broody hen that is.

Laying around my yard I had 4 "new" pallets that where not doing anything and were begging to be used ...So this is what I did .....

And the reason its so narrow is so it fits between my greenhouse an the fence to the veg garden

Its not completely finished yet ..I still have to cover the nest box sides with felt, Put some guttering on the back, Design a door for the nest box and paint it all ...

I think it turned out ok .. Thought i would share it
... Overall it cost me about £10 (uk) That was for the wire, hinges, lock clasps and a padlock .. Bargain

...Now i just have to hope for a broody one day to make the most of it
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Dances with Chickens
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Feb 24, 2009
Strasburg Ohio
At first I thought "ONE CHICKEN COOP.....WHO WANTS ONE LONELY CHICKEN?!" But, I finished reading and looked at all the pics and I think it's a great idea for a broody house!



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