1 Jersey Giant & 2 Australorp hens for sale, Hollister, CA (pick-up!)

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    Sep 29, 2009
    I noticed my chickens have been happier with more space in the coop. I recently
    sold three chickens, and would like to sell three more.

    I'm selling 1 Black Jersey Giant hen and 2 Black Australorp hens. I bought them
    from McMurray Hatchery when they were chicks, and were vaccinated before being
    shipped over to where I live.

    They're healthy, mite-free, and are 1 year and 3 months old. They're the same
    age, and were all raised together. The Black Jersey Giant lays extra large brown
    eggs, and the Black Australorps lay large brown eggs. They're gentle, and I've
    even given them baths, and showed one of them in the fair.

    Jersey Giant -


    Australorps -



    (Pictures taken 10/10/09)

    I'm selling them each for $5. I live in Hollister, CA and it will be pick-up and cash only. Sorry. I need to get rid of these girls quick! At one point they all pecked each other due to pecking order, and these were the hens that managed to get all their feathers back. I want to sell them so they don't get pecked anymore due to overcrowding.

    Kind regards,

    ~ Joy

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