1 month old baby chick hurt by dog/ Help :(

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    Jun 21, 2016
    Hello, this has been a very sad past few days. I bring my little chicks outside when it is a nice day out. I have large enclosed outdoor space for them that I let them run in. I had my parents dog over playing in the yard with my dog. They were playing and running past the enclosed chick area when it startled all the babies and one of them found a opening at the bottom and squeezed through. Probably thinking she was hiding. My parents dog not trained around chickens like mine is, found the baby chick. I didn't see what happened. It was a probably just a min or less before my boyfriend noticed because the dog was so interested in something in the grass. He ran over to investigate and scooped the baby up and ran her inside to me. She look very traumatized. Mouth open breathing hard. I wrapped her in a towel quickly. It calmed her down within a few minutes. After she was calm I inspected her all over there was a little spot on top of her wing that look like maybe some feathers were chewed off and there was a tiny bit of blood not much at all. Then there was a small rip in the skin underneath one wing. I separated her from the others. She has a cozy spot with food surrounding her and a little water bowl. Some might think its a little crazy, but I have even been playing classical melodies for her. She likes them. I remembered how crucial it is to keep a wounded animal or human for that matter hydrated if they when through something rough like this. I have been force feed her water through a straw I even gave her some coconut water and some freshly juiced watermelon. I did see her drink once by herself. She has her normal chick start food mixed with nutritional yeast a little bit of probiotics, oats, oyster shell, and soft scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil. She is eatting just fine although her poops are tiny compared to when I first brought her in and compared to the other chicks. Also today one of her poops were super green the last one wasn't though. My biggest concern is that she is not standing. She acts like she wants to, but just spins herself half way around she can't get up on her feet. She has strength in both legs, but one of them she favors. When she is sitting she is laying no her right side with her left leg stretched out. Her left leg is the strongest one. She curls her toes around my finger. Both feet are warm. I don't see any flesh wounds it doesn't seem like there is a break in the leg or like anything is swollen. If I hold that one side of her up she can hold the other side. She seems likes it when I help her stand. I have wrapped a cloth making a nest holding her up right a few times too and she seems to like that for a little while but then tries to move. All of the flesh wounds healed quickly and there is no more sign of them. I took her outside today and she enjoyed it. She pecked on a few bugs, but didn't eat them and ate a few things in the dirt. Most likely little stones or seeds. She is very alert. I'm doing all I can probably plus more to help her get better and keep her comfortable. I wish I knew why she can't stand though! :'( :'( :'(

    Sorry if this is very lengthy and confusing to some. Just trying to put in as much detail as possible and quickly.
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    Apr 24, 2016
    How long has it been now since it happened? You seem like you are doing everything you can.

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