1 month old baby chick hurt by dog/ Help :(

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    Jun 21, 2016
    A very sad past few days.1 month old baby chick hurt by dog. Not sure what happened. She was found instantly after the dog had her. She had a small soar on her wing and a smaller flesh tear under one wing. Both wounds are healed now. You can't tell she even had them. It has been two days. She eats and is very alert.Her food consists of her chick crumbles, nutritional yeast, oystershells, oats, probiotics, and soft scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oiI. I have only seen her drink water by herself once. I have been feeding her water through a straw. I have also given her some coconut water an freshly juiced watermelon. My biggest concern is that she is not standing and can't stand. It seems like she wants to sometimes. I see no signs or a broken leg, bruises, or swelling. One leg is stronger then the other one. When she lays done she is laying on her side. She will curl her toes around my finger with both feet. If I prop up her weaker side she with hold up the other and can stand. It seems like she likes it when I help her stand and stretch. She wiggles her tail and talks sometimes. If she wants to move she will flutter around without standing laying on her side for a second or two. Her poops have gotten a lot smaller the past few days then when I first brought her in. One of her poops was even bright green. He last one wasn't though since I gave her the probiotics. She is separated from the others. Some of you might think its a little silly but I have been playing classical melodies for her. I think she likes it. I am just really hopeing she will get better and be able to walk. I have been up with hardly any sleep the last few days taking care of her all through the day and night. :'( :'( :'(
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    Sounds like you are taking great care of the chick! If you are concerned about the chick not drinking water, you can make mix some water in with the food so it makes a kind of mash, which will help with hydration. Watermelon and other foods with a high water content can also be used too. I'm not sure about the legs, but it may help to make a splint with a band-aid like you do for chicks with straddle leg. Here's a good video on how to make a splint: I'm not sure, but that may help make the weaker leg a little stronger. Hope she feels better soon! Good luck!

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