1 month old chick sneezing and loosing weight?

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  1. renzizu

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    Apr 20, 2014
    Hey guys we have a chick who is constantly sneezing and she has lost a significant amount of weight. we just put her on dewormer to see if that was the issue but so far no weight has been gained. she doesn't have a runny noise or bubbly eyes. She started this about a week ago. We have her quarantined, does anyone know something we could try to make her feel better? We have another one sick with bubbly eyes but she was in a completely different coop plus she is feeling better. We really like this one and want her to be healthy. Any information would help thanks.
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    Apr 6, 2014
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    Most of or at least a large number of chicken diseases are respiratory. And the worst part about it is fatality rate is high. Treatment may be extensive and costly. First it has to be identified and laboratory fees are not cheap. Isolation is very important in keeping rest of flock from contracting the disease. I had an incident 2 years ago when I lost 3 chickens within 6 days. It was then that i researched chicken diseases. I thought that I was going to loose whole flock of 10. Well, I cleaned the coop and disinfected as best as possible. The 7 survived. I still thank an ANGEL. For the 3 that went to the other side, it was not pretty. Our pets get sick just like us people. Worst part about that is they cant speak to let us know in advance. When we notice something wrong , usually it is already in an advanced stage. I SINCERELY WISH YOU BEST WITH YOUR CHICKENS
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    I think she's too young for worms. Check for lice and mites. I may put her on an antibiotic for respiratory ailments like Tylan .
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    Welcome to BYC. She may be suffering from infectious bronchitis, or since the other chick has bubbly eyes, she could have mycoplasma (MG.) I would get some Tylan 50 injectable with a few syringes and needles to withdraw the medication. Then I would remove the needle and give each chick 0.1 ml (1/10th of an ml) orally daily for 5 days. They are too little for shots. These are carrier diseases, and they can show up in chicks 3 weeks old. Here is a good link to read on those and other diseases: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ps044

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