1 of 4 Rhode Island Reds feather loss


Jun 7, 2017
I have 1yr old Reds and only one is experiencing feather loss on her breast and not laying. Skin is bright red and appears smoothe no visible breaks or bumps on the skin. Hen still eats and takes mealworm treats, in a year I've never seen any excessive "pecking order abuse" so I don't think it's bullying. I looked closet at her visible skin and feathers didn't notice any mites or other pets...any help is great! Can I put anything on the skin itself to reduce irration or soothe her?
Bad quality she wouldn't stay still


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Feathers missing from the breast is quite often a sign of impending broodiness. Have you noticed feathers in her favourite nest box. They pluck them to make direct contact with the eggs so that they can incubate them better and also to "feather the nest". Is she exhibiting any other unusual behaviour or broody traits? Is she still laying eggs? Does she seem to be spending more time in the nest box? Is she making any strange/unusual noises?
She has stopped laying, but is still out and about with the flock. I haven't noticed any odd chatter or noises from her, she allows me to pick her up and takes treats from my hand so outside of the feather loss she exhibits no noticeable odd behavior
Anyone have any other ideas ?

Update: I got 4 eggs today for the first time in nearly a week, she still seems to be fine outside of her breast
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I have to Hens RI that their feathers look as if someone plucked them up above the tail feathers. and one is missing feathers there and on her sides. what is the problem

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