1 Pair of Buff Columbian Cochins (Standards) WA STATE, NO SHIP

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    Hatched this spring. Very gentle & friendly. The pullet is a bright buff with black dots around her neck, like a necklace. Her tail feathers are coming in lavendar blue. The cockerel looks like a buff columbian except his tail feathers are also coming in blue. These are very unique & interesting-looking birds and would be a wonderful project for someone wanting to develop a new color or just to have something different in their flock to look at. Oh and these are HUGE birds...larger than any of my other cochins.

    I was going to keep these to work on developing a large fowl mille fleur cochin but my husband thinks I have too many projects and I'm not doing enough "preserving." Sighs.

    I am sorry I cannot ship but I'm willing to hold & transport to Portland (or somewhere along I-90 or I-5) through Washington @ Thanksgiving.

    The hen:

    The rooster:

    The pair:

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