1 Pair of Standard Golden Laced Cochins WA STATE

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  1. These are NOT hatchery birds. The rooster is about 3 years old, the hen is almost 2 years old. They are both proven breeders, friendly and gorgeous! I have decided to part with all of my single-combed birds so these are going. Our climate is just too harsh for them to not get frost-bite damage (as this roo has).

    The hen has some scarring on her head where she was scalped as a chick. This does not affect anything but her looks--she lays just fine and will go broody, if you let her. She's a great mom and raised chicks last year that I put under her at night.

    Sorry, no shipping. I can transport to the show in Monroe next month IF paid in full in advance.


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  2. I need the coop space....
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    Beautiful! These birds are on my wish list! So pretty!
  4. Thank you. I am just thinning my flock.
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    Absolutely stunning!!! I LOVE these colors!!!
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    Mar 5, 2012
    Hello, I am interested in your LF Cochins. I live in Florida, will ship there? Also do you have any more LF Cochin Hens for sale?

  7. This is my last pair. I think they're spoken for, but I'm not considering them sold until they're paid for & gone. :) If this doesn't work out with this other person, will send you a PM. That would be a very long journey for them....
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    I can pay right now and would pay $40 just for the hen but I would need her shipped to Maine. It has been unseasonable warm the last week and looks to be the same next week. Willing to pay all shipping fees.

    Yes I understand that you said no shipping but I have watched this thread for a week and it couldn't hurt to ask and I really want this hen.

    nevermind I found some closer
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