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    Jun 3, 2008
    I always make note of diffirent behavior because sometimes it might mean an animal is getting sick etc.

    A couple months ago I purchased a second smaller coup and put it on the east side of the run. My chickens have never really used the coop, but do go inside it occassionally. They have always returned to the main larger coop to roost. The small coop has the blue tarp on it, the main coop is not fully shown but is on the left of the picture.


    Anyway, yesterday evening when I went to farm to collect eggs (it was dark). I only found 5 of the six pullets with rooster in the main coop. Ofcourse, I got a flashlight and look for signs of escape of breech of security, found none, so I unlocked the smaller coop and there is this pullet by her self.

    difference between coops. main coup has feed, water, nest boxes, red heat lamp and is well ventilated, it is getting cooler here and I am in the process of installing clear plastic roofing on the screened areas to prevent drafts. I already have installed the front area where they roost.

    small coup has no light, it has windows covered with plexiglass and roosts.

    Why would this chicken go off and roost at night by her self. Do you think she is cold? I am planning of seperating these coops and will be putting 6 wk old chicks in the small coop until they get bigger and can incorporate with the larger birds. Maybe it was just a one night thing?

  2. How was she acting today? Did she stay in the little coop all night?
    I've seen chickens go off by themselves if they were ill, being picked on by the others due to pecking order, or just for the sheer enjoyment of a "little time to themselves". Just keep an eye on her and see if the behavior continues &/or other behavior/symptoms clue you in. Good luck and I hope she is O.K.

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