1 Sebastopol Gosling (from Colored Pair) 1 year old gander from White Holderread Elite Stock


8 Years
Mar 30, 2011
I lost my hatch due to a power outage and only had 1 gosling hatch. I believe he is a male. He's about 2 weeks old Mother is a buff saddle back father is a splash but it's almost solid with a couple small spots of blue/grey.

1 year old gander was hatched last year from eggs from Holderreads elite stock, (when not in mating season) he has very nice feathering and curly breast and would make a nice addition to any ones flock. I just have 1 to many males and am trying to down size a bit.

I can email pics(they are much nicer looking then then geese pictured).

Local Pick up only

Would like to get $50 for the gosling and $100 for the adult gander but am open to offers as I would like to see them find new homes sooner then later but please be reasonable in your offers.
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7 Years
Apr 26, 2012
Jackson, NJ
I wish you were closer, your probably at least three hours away. I have two 3 week olds he would fit in nicely with. I hope you them good homes.

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