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Hello everyone,

I've read through a few posts but, I'd like some confirmation here. I have 4 barely a week old chicks & 1 of them has one of it's legs out to the side most of the time (more so than any of the others) but, I've noticed as the others have grown stronger it seems to get weaker, it sleeps more than the others & I am not sure if it eats or drinks much.

What exactly can I do to help this chick?! I would be devastated if it couldn't survive as I couldn't kill it even if it's in the best interest of the animal. I'd have to take it to a vet I guess. Let me know if pictures would help. I am really worried about the little one!!!

Kindest wishes & blessings,

OK, so I am a bit of a duffer. I didn't think to do an EcoSearch on it & I saw YouTube videos on putting bandaid/plasters around the chickens legs. I had read it here but, wasn't sure exactly where I was to put it.

What I worry about now is that when she (I hope) lays down the whole kit-n-koboodle goes out to the side so I am hoping it will still help. I made sure she drank some water & ate some food & she seemed happy with that. Any helpful words?

I put the bandaid behind her toes & it goes up to where her leg bends.

Kindest wishes & blessings,

I am using wood shavings as it shows in the brooder box section tho I am using a cardboard box
I put a band-aid on her legs last night & she was sleeping with her legs out to the side which I couldn't get a picture of because as soon as I got close they all started chirping & woke her up!

Today when I came home the band-aid was off so I have put another one on but, she still seems very tired compared to the others. I'm holding the food & water for her a few times a day to make sure she eats & drinks a little.

She is around 8-10 days old so I hope it's not too late. Can anyone tell me if I am doing this right & how long she'll need to keep the hobble on for? Is there anything to look out for to know if she just won't make it?

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