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    Jan 16, 2008
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    we hatched 15 chicks last week. One is a black silkie which was only about half the size of the other silkie which hatched. It has seemed very weak from the beginning. Mostly standing with its head down and wings drooping. We worked with it trying to get it to eat and drink. Yesterday morning it seemed like it was finally doing better and DW sat it eating and drinking but today it seems worse again.

    I doubt ther is much we can do but wait and see.

    The rest of the chicks are doing fantastic. It is so much fun with the variety of different breeds and colors so most of the chicks are easily identifiable from the others and some are developing distinct personalities. One little araucana x will come over and jump inot your hand to be picked up. The black summatra, the welsummers and the blue silkie are also very curious and friendly. The spitzhaubens are much flightier.
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    Do you have some vits & electrolytes to put in some water to try to help the chick?..when I have a weak chick I use an eye dropper and try getting some down ...seems to help...even sugar water or unflavored gatorade...
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