1 Silkie has stopped going into coop at night.


Jun 20, 2018
Rock Creek, BC, Canada
This is my first time with silkies, they are about 5 months old now, 4 hens and one rooster. (I have two guineas in with this flock and 3 Wyandotte’s that are 2 months younger than the rest)
Everything has been status quo for a couple months now in silkieville everyone has had no problem going in and piling up in the corner. Most of them don’t want to roost, I tried, but I‘ve gathered that’s normal for them..

For the past 5 days now one hen does not go into the coop with the others, she tries to sleep on the landing of the coop. I’ve had to put her in every night.
Last night I placed her up on a roost beside the one silkie that does roost.. when I got home from work I found her in the same spot!
I feel guilty thinking she may have stayed there all day, afraid to jump down. I didn’t think to check her crop but I put her down out in the run and she didn’t seem lethargic or anything.
what gives, are silkies really this stubborn or could something be wrong?

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