1 week chick no balance/eyes closed!


8 Years
May 21, 2011
My chicks arrived this past wednesday, one of the five hens CANNOT sit down and rarely bends to eat because she falls over and cannot get up on her own. Her posture is more vertical than the other chicks and legs are often hyperextended. She regurally has violent head shakes and stands uneasily with her EYES CLOSED and constant chirping as if in pain.

I placed my order for her to be vaccinated and they are all eating medicated chick feed. Could it be a disease?


thank you
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Any advise would be appreciated!
I'm a nurse, not a vet, so I'm no expert on chicks. However, if this were a human, those would be pretty clear cut neuro symptoms--head injury sort of deal. I hope someone else has something more clear cut or useful to you.
Did you have her vaccinated for Mareks? It sounds like that's what she has (or it could a million other things) but if we're looking at diseases, she sounds like she has the neurological form of Mareks. With any vaccination there is a chance of developing the actual disease from the shot, this could have happened to her. I'm really sorry, the prognosis is rarely good if it is Mareks. Some people have been able to save their chickens from it but they turn out to be carriers of the disease and can infect others, or have lasting problems from having gone through the ordeal.

Really sorry to hear this little one is having this problem. I hope I'm wrong and she has something that a good does of vitamins could cure.

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