1 week old Polish lethargic, not eating.

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    I watch my chicks and their behaviour every day. Yesterday, they were all finally in good health - full bellies, drinking enough, energetic. Today however, as I mentioned, my one week old Polish chick, the youngest of the bunch, is acting quite lethargic. She's usually very loud but today when I took her away from her sisters she barely chirped out for them and started to go to sleep in my hands. When I let them have a run in the kitchen, she barely moved while my other two happily flapped their wings and chased each other around like they usually do.

    Today is the third day that I have been putting potassium permanganate in their water (I noticed blood in one of my chick's poo and she wasn't eating or drinking. She is fine now). I put around this much in (below) each time I clean out their water (once or twice a day), which is around 650 millilitres.
    I mention the water because she has been drinking a lot of it but not touching her food. While the others eat, she will go over there like she is meaning to eat too but then she will just stare at it and occasionally weakly pick at it. When feeling her crop, I can't feel any food, just the water. Because of this, she also has diarrhoea. Maybe the crystals are changing the taste and she likes it too much?

    I don't use a heat lamp as summer has just begun, with temperatures here averaging at just below 30*C. There is a big fire ~65 kilometres away and the smoke is reaching here but isn't that bad as it has not caused my asthma to act up. Still, could that be what is affecting her?
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    I hatched hundreds of chicks and this is failure to thrive or connect with food. :(

    It happens sometimes... I personally dispatch once it is taking place instead of letting them starve to death.

    However you may be able to tube feed if that is something you are interested in.

    Maybe wetting the feed and making a mash will make it easier to connect with. :fl

    At only one week coccidiosis is unlikely but that is the most common cause of blood in droppings. However they also do shed small amounts of intestinal lining that can be mistaken for blood.

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    Potassium permanganate is a poison, even though it's used to purify water. However, after the water is treated with it, you must filter the treated water and get rid of it. It is a salt and is very caustic. I can only imagine what it could do to a delicate chick's digestive system. I am going to guess the blood you have seen from the chicks is from this stuff corroding their intestines.

    You must have a well with iron that wants to trap bacteria. This is one of the uses of potassium permanganate. But You need to either give your chickens untreated well water or make sure the water you give them has been thoroughly filtered so none of this caustic chemical is left.
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