1 week vacation and i come home to monster chicks!


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Unbelievable...they're twice as big. I have to get started on the coop tomorrow. I'm going to build an 8x8 lean to. 5 to 8 nesting boxes inside with outside access...i was going to do the ones that stick out about a foot but it looks like too much wasted space. a people door, window, pop door and removable wall for easy cleaning and perches.

What am I forgetting?
It's amazing how fast the little beasties grow! Once they hit about 5 weeks the growth isn't nearly as noticeable.

I'd do the pop-out boxes. It looks like wasted space now but you'll be glad you had the extra room, however miniscule.
by pop out boxes do you mean the ones that stick outside of the coop about a foot or so where you can lift the top?
I usually take care of the chicks because I have more time than my partner, but one day last week I was running late and having a rough morning, so I did not do the morning feeding and watering myself.

When I came home in the afternoon, I was shocked by how much bigger they had gotten in just one day. It's really amazing.
I think they grow about 25% a day for the first 5 or 6 weeks. After that it takes a day or two to notice the growth. Just wish my kids would grow up and move out that fast. LOL.
We weighed our BA & BO daily for the first month. It was amazing: they put on about 10% of their body weight DAILY and tripled their weight in something like 2 weeks.

ETA: I'd smack anyone who told me I ate like a bird.
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Yeah, apparently peafowl eat more like a bird...we determined the appropriate saying should be "eats like a peacock."

No, 'eats like a bird' means 'eats like a pig'....

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