1 Wk Old Can't take the Heat

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Lil Chickie Mama, May 2, 2009.

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    Apr 1, 2009
    The first part is my concern:
    Today I bought 10 Lav Ameraucanas today, they are a week old. The chicks are settled in their new home and ate ferociously at first but settled down soon. My only concern is that I tried to put the heat lamp on them at about 22 inches away from floor to lamp and they were still panting and fleeing. I can't get it any higher so I removed it and they seem fine. Our house is a comfortable 72 and I'm just wondering if this is high enough for them as they are only a week old. I know it's supposed to be 95 the first week and then decrease by 5 each week, but I tested the temp and it was right at 91. Like I said, they are content without the lamp but too hot with it.

    Right now they are sleeping, but they aren't huddled up in a big ball, just laying around in a loose clump or chick carpeting! It's very cute, but as they don't seem at all stressed or cold, should I still worry? I made sure the water was a lukewarm so maybe that helped, and I checked for pasty-butt just in case, none. They have already soiled the first layer of paper towels and I couldn't be happier about that. Poop = happy chicks.

    The rest is just a new mommy's gushing [​IMG] :

    They are very sweet though. I held a couple and they didn't mind me picking them up. Some even walked right into my hand, but that was when it was filled with food. The ones I held fell right asleep and didn't even mind when my little Bella dog decided she was their new mom and tried to give them a bath. I had to discourage that, but it was pretty cute. She even put up with them pecking at her face trying to figure out what she was. Eventually she decided that as long as they were sleeping and content, she could relax. Once they cheeped though, she looked at me like, "Mom, what did you do wrong?!" I am baby sitting my mom's dog this weekend and he's young and very playful. I was nervous to try to introduce him to any chicks, but I tried with one and he's too excited, I'll have to wait until they are older to test him. Oh but Bella didn't like him getting near HER chicks, oh no. She growled and barked and chased him away from her baby. I about had a heart attack it was so sweet.

    Now it's bed time and all animals (including hubbie) are tucked in for the night. I had to crate Buster (mom's dog) and Bella. Bella wouldn't settle down, she kept whining and pawing at the door to the chicks room. When we let her in with us to see them, she would put her paws up on the sides of the bin they are in (she's too light to tip it) and just look at them. I'm always going to keep an eye out and not let her alone with them just in case, but it just looks like she wants to make sure they are okay. I think I have a good companion/bird watcher in that little girl. Seriously the best dog I have ever had!
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    I went and checked on them and they were slightly huddled...I put the heat lamp on again but am afraid to leave it over night as it's not very secure. I'm afraid it will fall but I watched for at least 20 min or more and it didn't move. ARG I know I should have figured this out sooner, but they're here now so I have to figure out something. I'm just going to check 1 more time and go to bed. If they are fine in the morning, I'll turn the heat lamp off, bedroom light on, and hope they are ok I have to be gone a few hours and I'm not about to trust the lamp while no one is home.
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    Sounds like you're doing a great job. They will get *LOUD* if they get cold. They're really good at letting you know what they need. Go to bed and try to sleep, just keep an ear out. If they start chirping to the top of their lungs, they are cold... if not - everyone gets a good night's sleep.

    I wish I could! I had two chickies hatch out Thursday night and Friday and I am hovering over them! LOL

    I think I need to take my own advise and go to bed, too!
    Good night and Good Luck!
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    I agree with the other posts. It sounds to me too that you have everything under control. You can use a regular incandescent white light bulb instead of a heat lamp. I have used a 40 watt and a 60 watt bulb in my brooder lamp adjusted to the right height for maintaining the temp. I made a bracket to attach the lamp to. I put the lamp over one end of the brooder so they could get as close or far from it. They will find their own comfort zone especially at night when it cools off.

    These clamps are also available at Lowes and Home Depot
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    I agree with using a lower watt bulb when brooding in the house. I use a 100 watt red spotlight, which works well for the first few weeks before they head for the garage (where it is cooler).

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