1 wk old chicks == VERY runny stool...


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
I read that it could be stress related???

no change in feed, condition etc.

We do change the paper towels daily tho..just because its nasty...
we were gonna do pine shavings only but we thought that would be harder to change out...

are we not supposed to handle them or change this frequently??
we want them to be tame to be handled if we need to when we go in the pen/coop....
so is it stress related or is it just normal change at this age??
try giving him some yogurt
That is a super food i hear
Other than runny poo, everything else is OK, right?
Changing the paper towels out every day is the right thing to do and I, personally, think handling them some at that age is a good thing.
They are a tad young for pine shavings just yet(they might try to eat them and end up with crop issues-wait a bit on the shavings).
If all else seems OK, no pasty butt, no blood in stool, eating, drinking and just in general, being maniacs, I think I would just keep an eye on them at this point and watch for any other signs of problems.
so far just chirping along, happily I presume!

I think their runny poo stunk...
but earlier in the day it was solid...
so maybe due to stress? No pasty butt as far as I can tell; but I honestly
havent checked each one..

the shavings are there; but covered by paper towels

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