1 year old chicken death - bloody poo left behind and other issues!

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    Feb 25, 2010
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    Hi All!

    I am having a very unfortunate chicken year. Too many deaths for my liking and I am very concerned.

    This morning I woke up and opened the coop for the girls/boys. I found one of my 1 year old SLW dead on the floor. I looked all over her and I didn't see anything wrong, but found a small pile of bloody substance on the floor, which I believe was her poo. Is this cocci? I noticed another bloody poo area yesterday but I didn't know who the culprit was. Any explanations?

    Also, we had 65 chicks in a stall, but now we only have 50 left (now 6 weeks old). I know that the few had died due to the draft in the barn and I tried to cover up the area as much as possible. But now since they are in a stall that is 10x11, there are some that are still dying. I had found one yesterday and the chick was extremely skinny as if it wasn't eating anything. Food/water/space is readily available. I have not seen any bloody poo on the ground anywhere and the other birds are fine. I do have 3 chicks right now, even though they are 6 weeks old, they look like they are 2 weeks old. They are not fully feathered and they are still really tiny in comparison to the other girls.

    Please help with any information.
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  2. Miss Lydia

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    Hi and sorry your not having a good year with your chicks, sorry about the ones you have lost. sounds like you could have cocci. and need to treat for that fast, corid or sulmet works. and you say you started off with 65 chicks and are down to 50, do you have more than one feeder and waterer set out with that many chicks sound like some aren't being allowed to eat. yep even at young ages they can be bullies. I'd have feeders and waterers for each 10 chicks just to make sure all are eating. and about the ones that look like they are 2 weeks when 6 could be failure to thrive which is seen sometimes in chicks. are you giving extra vitamins and also might try egg yolk and yogurt too especially in the ones suspected of cocci. Please let us know how things are going and I hope you see a turn around soon..
  3. Equine_Angel

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Brentwood Bay, B.C.
    Hi Miss Lydia,

    I have just set out extra waterers and feeding trays and this morning I have started feeding the chicks Probiotic yogurt as we are trying to keep our birds on a natural diet. We are changing their bedding from hay to pellet bedding and I think that will help with the poo situation.

    Last year I had no problem having 50 birds in a tiny brooder and now I am having problems with 60 chicks in a huge brooder. It just seems confusing to me. I will go to the feed store and see what vitamins they have.

    Thanks!!! I will update!
  4. hazzaboi

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    Sep 14, 2012
    hi sorry to hear about this i have 100 chickens my chickens always have blood in there poo but they are all fine normally at the end of autumn quite a few of my old hens die they should be fine
  5. seminolewind

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    Sep 6, 2007
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    I would treat them all with Corrid.

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