1 year old chicken died out of the blue - any ideas?

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  1. Sarahjor

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    Jun 21, 2010
    We just had an almost 1 year-old Jersey Giant hen die, it seemed to us out of the blue. She was fine one minute, dead the next, no animal attack involved, not sick as far as we could tell. We have 2 other hens, both Barred Rocks that seem fine so far. Their coop was a little dirty but not too bad. I'm going to clean it out today and sterilize just in case. They were part-time free ranging but had been cooped up over the weekend, still had plenty of food and water.

    This just seems like a totally mystery to me. This is my first flock so I don't know a lot but is this normal? Is there a list for "Top 5 Reasons Your Chicken Just Dropped Dead?"

    Thanks for any knowledge!
  2. ThePamperedPullet

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    Poultry are very suseptible to heart failure. So very well could have been a heart attack if it was that sudden and without any signs or symptoms.

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