1 year old chickens in Somerset, UK

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  1. Tomfieldenloveshichickens

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    Nov 9, 2010
    Somerset, England
    I am going to add more chickens to my flock and am considering buying chickEns that are already laying

    If you hav chickens for sale that are laying but are not to old can you comment.

    As close to Somerset as possible please.

  2. ranchhand

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Not too many BYC members in your part of the world, but hopefully someone will see this.

    Keep in mind, your 5 RIR hens will probably start laying any time now. They just over 27 weeks? So probably within the next month, hopefully sooner. ANY birds you buy MUST be quarantined for a minimum of 30 days and will probably not lay for a couple weeks anyway, since chickens do not like moving and usually need time to adjust.

    I know you really want eggs, but now is when you need to be patient. Read this thread about quarantine, it's very informative.


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