1 year old rooster and 6 month old hen

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    I have 2 1 year old roosters that grew up together in the same run, and 2 6 month old hens that were in a different run. As of yesterday I seperated the roosters and I put the 6month old hens in with each 1 year old rooster ( in seperate runs), it is the first hen either rooster has been around. The bantam rooster has done well, the other rooster which is much bigger all white with black strawberry look feather around his neck is pecking the crap out of my poor little hen. I am new to raising young chickens, is this normal or do I need to get her out and put an older hen in with this rooster??? PLEASE HELP.
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    [​IMG] Get that hen away from the rooster, before he injures her. He should not be doing this.
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    he sounds very territorial and is trying to bully her to get out.

    it might work by gradual introduction where they have coops/runs next to each other and only meet in neutral areas like when theyre free ranging,some chickens are overly territorial and do need more gradual introduction than others,this is so they do not see it as a threat on their territory or an attempt to force their way ahead of the pecking order.

    all roos are different in how they react,mine are very different.
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