1 yo hens for sale in the SF east bay area

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$10 each or $40 for all

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  1. gpamela3499

    gpamela3499 Songster

    Feb 26, 2009
    Catawba NC
    I have 5 laying hens for sale. They are one year old, unknown breeds, healthy. I am moving and they must go. They are standard breeds but more on the small size. They lay brown or white eggs. I got them from Concord feed as chicks. l am asking $10 a piece or $40 for all 5.
    l also have 3 hens one is a black giant (sometimes a a double yoker) $5 a piece.
  2. DuckPro

    DuckPro Songster

    Jun 21, 2017
    40$ for all I voted

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