10+ 100% Lavender Ameraucana LF hatching eggs


11 Years
Jul 13, 2009
Live Oak, FL
This auction is for 10 + extras Lavender Ameraucan hatching eggs
They are all from Harry Shaffer's line ,,,,no splits...
With all lavender you get lots of eye candy in your yard that way !!!
8 Hens/pullets with 2 Rooster in the pen. Great fertility rate.
They get treats, extra protein, ACV and vitaman's, They free range when I can watch them.
Eggs will be gathered Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, shipped by 3pm Wednesday if payment is revieved in time.
I accept paypal @ [email protected] . Anything other will delay shipping.
I do not guaranty that the USPS will do its job and get these eggs to you in a timly manor nor safe from harm.
I double box, bubble wrap each egg, they are packed in egg cartons and secured with peanuts.

A reiminder-The lavenders are a project. They are not yet recognized as a standard color variety by either APA or ABA in this breed. Some of the eggs are green/grey at this point of development. Even though all breeders are muffed with rose combs, you may still get culls.

We are Florida NPIP Certificate #1357

these are very fertile people I had a great hatch with her eggs!!!
This photo was taken last night-drool over their cuteness -got 18 eggs 14/18 made it to lockdown and I got 11 chicks-beautiful!!!!!

SOOO tempted to bid on more!!!
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My wife loves these, and for just a backyard flock not worried about culls, just as long as she likes them. Gives me an excuse to bid and hopefully buy more chickens.
Culls are possible in anyones project in the making birds.
I gusss that I just wanted it in print so you the buyer where aware that it could happen.
My breeding pen of Lavenders is getting better looking every day.
What eggs I don't sell I hatch out and sell at some point at his time.
The chicks are beautiful and strong.
Look at Sonew123's

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