10-12 LF Silver Penciled Plymouth Rock hatching eggs


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12 Years
Sep 25, 2007
I can't bear to pitch these eggs, and they need to incubated soon! A few of my gals have begun to molt, but some are still laying. I have 10 in my egg storage fridge right now, and expect another couple to be laid today, which will be included in the auction.

These birds are just beautiful, and althoug they are a work in progress, they'll be a really nice start for anyone wishing to breed them.

Here are more pics:

(ETA: the pic below sort of looks like he has barring in his white feathers - he does not):



About a month ago, I culled down to the best four gals that I have. I think you'll be very pleased with these guys!

This is a PayPal only auction, and payment is due by 10 a.m. tomorrow - Thursday, September 8. Eggs will be shipped tomorrow by noon.

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