10-14 day old Black Copper Marans


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Apr 2, 2015
I have 8 BCM from a straight run. I have been getting advise from Professor Google and Professor You tube. haha Well I have made guesses at what my chicks might me. I have taken 3 pics of each baby and hopefully you have an opinion.

Girl #1 ( I am gonna call her girl 1 because that is what I wish her to be)

Girl #2 (again, I am wishing )

Girl? #3

Girl ? #4

Girl? #5

Okay, I think that these might be boys.

Boy #1

Boy #2

Boy #3

So what do ya'll think. Don't let me pink and green baskets influence your guess. I am totally guessing and have NO idea. I want them to all be girls but they came from a straight run so....hahaha on them all being girls. If they are then I need to play the lotto. I will only be allowed to keep the girls so they boys will be rehomed. :( If you take a vote please tell me why you think your vote is girl or boy and what made you lean towards that. Thanks.


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