10/24/10 update - our first egg today!


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Apr 28, 2010
Squam Lakes - NH
10/24/10 update - no eggs since 10/21/10 until today! BAM - 3 eggs today!

10/21/10 update - Came home for lunch today and this is what I found!



10/20/10 update - No eggs today.

10/19/10 - Came home for lunch break today to see if perhaps we might have an egg, as the gals squat whenever I get near them. Woo Hoo! We got our first egg today! Unfortunately, the gal that gifted us with our first egg was snacking at the pellet feeder when plopped it out, and then one of the other gals walked on it. The shell was soft and it cracked, but the white and yolk (a beautiful orange) were intact so it doesn't appear that any of the gals took a taste of it. Better luck tomorrow! I have the egg in a dish and will post a photo as soon as I find the camera.

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i got a soft one once, got pics somewhere. i just got a GFM so i have more pic space, so i have room to upload it. i'll find it and post it soon. idk if you know, the hens aren't squatting because of an egg or anything, its cuz they know you are their master.
Hiope you get a good one tomorrow!

I've been getting a steady 4 a day, but today there were only 3 in the nest boxes. I thought that one of them (and I was assuming it was the one that laid the ginormous egg yesterday- a whopping 80 grams with shell, as opposed to the 52-55 grams most have been!) just took the day off. Nope, went out later into the coop and one of them had laid from the roost and the egg was smashed on the poop board! I felt really disappointed, even tho I have almost 2 dozen in the fridge!

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