10+ B/B/S French Marans Hatching Eggs from our SQ flock

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    Jan 7, 2010
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    Our girls are laying great right now so we are able to offer a few orders of hatching eggs. We have a blue roo and a black roo over 15 blue, black and splash girls. Our flock has very good type and lay a dark egg. Eggs will be collected over no more than three days so they will be very fresh. Priority mail shipment is $15.00 and the first order will ship on Monday. Paypal payment only to [email protected]. We are members of the Marans Club of America and the APA.

    This is not an auction. If you would like an order, please PM me and make your payment. I will fill requests in the order they are received. Thanks!

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    How well do your girls lay?
    And what is your wait time like right now? Thanks.
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