10+ BBS ameracauna chicks for AUCTION, ends 5:30 PM PST on monday 9/16

Papa Brooder

7 Years
Feb 16, 2012
Redding, CA
Hey there, so I have 10+ BBS ameracauna chicks available for AUCTION. Auction ends at 5:30 PM PST on monday 9/16.

Bidding starts at $25.

Shipping will be $40 unless you are in a western state then it will be $30. They will ship PRIORITY EXPRESS on Tuesday with grogel, feed, fruit, veggies and bread crumbs soaked in water.

If you would like your chicks vaccinated for Mareks, it will be an additional $10.

I am also auctioning off 10+ surprise chick special and am happy to combine shipping. I will post another ad for that auction but possible chicks shipped will be: swedish flower hens, BBS ameracauanas, Salmon faverolles, easter eggers (at most 2), silver laced wyandottes, and lavender orps. They will be what is left over after I fill my orders.

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