10 Black Copper Marans chicks

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    Jan 30, 2009

    Please note...I raised the box price to $25 because I realized that they won't fix in a chick box by the time they are shipped.

    I have 10 black copper marans 1 week old chicks, straight run. They will be 2.5 weeks old at shipping time.

    Shipping will be $25 for box & heat packs, plus whatever the actual shipping is to you. Figure on max of 4 lbs. My zip is 13476. If it is less ,I will refund the balance. Paypal only please.

    Shipped Priority. I include fruit for feed & moisture. I put $45.00 as an estimate for shipping.

    If shipped Express, I'm going to estimate $60. If it is less, I'll refund the difference.


    To see more birds, go to: http://rarechickens.blogspot.com/
    use the Marans Chicken Club egg shade card for reference. These chicks were hatched from eggs that were at least a 5+ or darker.
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    Sep 11, 2010
    She has the most beautiful birds! Who ever grabs these up will be very happy with them!

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