10+ Blue Laced Red Wyandottes


10 Years
Oct 18, 2009
New Hampshire
My BLRW are laying well and I am not hatching for another week. I would like someone else to have the benefit of hatching some of these beauties before I hatch all that I get

These birds are directly from Foley and 1 generation away from direct Sterling Sue.
Fertility has been tested at 96%.

I have one Splash laced roo over 5 Blue laced hens, 2 Splash laced hens and 1 black laced hen. As you can see you should get a nice mix of BBS!


Black Laced hen, sorry the flash is washing out some of her red. She has very nice deep mahogany red with black lacing.

About 5 weeks ago when this was taken there was a couple Australorps in this pen - those are the black legs you see. They have their own pen now

Blue laced hen. Her blue is reflecting the flash from the camera.

One of the Splash girls.

I culled heavily to keep only the mahogany birds. You should get very little of the "orangey" offspring from this flock.

There are risks associated with shipping eggs. I can not be held accountable for handling of eggs once they leave my hands. I CAN tell you I package well and have great feedback on packaging. They will be individualy bubble wrapped and then securely packed. They will be fresh and at least 96% fertile.

This a Paypal auction. Paypal due at auctions end. Eggs to be shipped Monday January 9, 2012, unless you need a different day.

Please feel free to ask questions.
Thanks for looking!
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Someone asked about if there were other breeds in this pen.

The answer is yes. There are 2 leghorn hens (they lay white eggs) and 2 Wheaten Ams (they lay a blue egg).

There is not chance of getting a mixed egg. There is only the BLRW roo
It is tempting to bid...so tempting...

Your BLRW are gorgeous!
I will be keeping an eye on this auction. If I can find the other breed I am looking for and have enough left over I plan to bid. However since my daughter found her pet Cochin hen this morning I have to buy her some eggs first. She wants Lemon Blue Cochins now. So off to see if I can't get what we both want.

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