10+ Coronation (Blue) Sussex

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    Coronation (Blue) Sussex:
    These birds are the result of a breeding project several years in the making--and they are now ready to be introduced. These are blue-gene birds; as many of you know the blue gene works differently than the lavender gene. Currently, I have two coops that have black on blue and one coop with blue on black. The black on blue Roosters are GreenFireFarms Light Sussex.

    Chicks will be white at first.
    Then they will either be blue feathered or black (Coronation or Light Sussex)

    Black x Black = 100% Black
    Black x Blue = 50% Black, 50% Blue
    Blue x Blue = 50% Blue, 25% Black and 25% Splash
    Splash x Black = 100% Blue
    Splash x Blue = 50% Splash and 50% Blue
    Splash x Splash = 100% Splash

    Whats really nice is eventually you will get a almost all white Sussex (SPLASH)

    NOTE "Shipping Costs may vary per zip code +/-"

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    @ www.paulsrarepoultry.com
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    ??? i have never heard of" blue" coronation susexs i breed coronation and lite susexs and have never heard of your figers before the coronation % is

    pure coronation /lite =100% splits (lite that carry the lave geen )
    split /split =50% split 25% lit 25% coronation
    pure cornation /pure coronation= 100% coronation
    pure coronation/split= 50% split 50% coronation

    how did you get blue "coronation"??? please explan your breeding
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    Well, in the UK Coronation Sussex are blue Columbians. In Australia and the US they're lavender Columbians.

    S/he stated these are a project where the blue gene was introduced into the light Sussex. My guess would be by way of a blue orpington, but only the OP knows. [​IMG]

    Nice birds BTW!
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    I've got 28 of these eggs in my Brinsea right now!

    I'm really, really excited about the Blue Coronation, I personally prefer Blue birds to their Lavender counterparts.

    Paul and I had a great convo about how he developed these beautiful birds and how the feather quality will be much better than the other genetically Lav Coro birds.

    I'm excited to see what hatches in 3 weeks! [​IMG]
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