10+ coronation sussex hatching eggs


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9 Years
Feb 28, 2010
Up for auction is 10+ coronation sussex hatching eggs. I have 2 pure coronation roosters over 5 split coro hens and 1 pure coro hen, This combination is producing approx. 50% pure coro. chicks and 50% split chicks. The hens were split to different light sussex bloodlines to reduce inbreeding. I have been having a excellent hatch rate, but I cannot promise they will hatch due to rough shipping. I will send any extra's that I have, just email me if you have any questions. My sussex are from greenfire, I can email pics of brood stock, I cannot get a pic posted on here. I am NPIP CERT. #650-920 $15.00 for USPS priority shipping

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