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10++ Corturnix Quail Eggs - Jumbo Brown, Goldrens, Tibetans, Tuxedos

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by ChickFila, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. ChickFila

    ChickFila Songster

    Mar 7, 2010
    I am getting at least 10 eggs each day from my quails.
    I don't want to waste my eggs, so I am offering them for $1!!
    Hens are - 4 Jumbo browns, 5 goldrens, 2 tibetans, 2 Tuxedo and 1 English.
    Roos are - Jumbo Brown, Goldens and Tibetans.
    They are separated in two different cages (rabbit hutch), each cage has 7 hens and 2 roos.
    They started laying eggs on early July and I have hatched over 50 eggs since then and have had over 90% hatch rate.
    I have 30+ eggs in a bator now and they are developing well.
    I can send extras and eggs will be VERY fresh! No more than 2 days old at shipping.
    Please don't hit Buy It Now, just send me PM if you want eggs.
    Thanks for looking!

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