10+ Cuckoo Marans Hatching eggs


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Jan 24, 2009
I love this breed! I haven't come across a gentler rooster. Every roo I've had out of this line are gentle giants. They lay from a 4-6 colored egg on the Maran's scale. I have both French and clean legged in together.

Eggs are collected several times per day and will be clean. My chickens are very well cared for, so you will get vigorous chicks.

For shipping, I individually wrap each egg in bubble wrap. Line the box with bubble wrap. Fill with packing peanuts or newspaper so they don't move or touch the sides of the box. I mark Perishable on the box, but that is all. If you would like your eggs shipped another way or the box marked fragile, I would be happy to. Just let me know.

I would be happy to add any of my other breeds if you would like also, for $1 per egg, and I provide as many extras as possible. I want you to have lots of healthy chicks!

My other breeds are...
Welsummers *small waiting list**
BBS Std Cochins
Ameraucana's in BBS
Easter Eggers

I prefer payment via paypal. [email protected]

ETA: You can see some of my feedback on this link. http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pcz6aC_klXJDTE8H01hR-RA
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