10 day old chick - 1st constipation & now an air sac

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    Apr 12, 2011
    [​IMG] We have a New Hampshire Red chick that was straining to poop yesterday afternoon/evening. It's bottom looked raw and had poop stuck below its vent. We could see some white poop partially pushed out when straining & it went back when the chick relaxed.

    I cleaned its bottom with a warm, moist cotton ball, gave it some molasses water and then rubbed olive oil on its bottom. All of these were remedies I'd read about on-line. I went to bed hoping for the best and it DID look better in the morning.
    After work today, it was obvious it had a rough day. Its bottom was poopy again, but the vent was clear and it wasn't straining.

    But NOW it has an air sac on the right side of its neck. It's as big as its head! It looks like it had an injury in its shoulder area. I spread a little neomycin in an area that looked like it could be dried blood. Should I pop this air sac?

    I isolated this chick from the other 6 (same age). It has its own heat lamp as well as the essentials of pinechip bedding, water and medicated chick starter.

    Is there any hope for this troubled chick?

  2. chancegardner

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    Apr 12, 2011
    [​IMG] No replies, but I have an update.
    She is bright-eyed and alert. Standing and moving OK. She is pooping OK now too.
    She still looks a bit messy, but I hope if her problems are cleared up, she will grow back her fluff/feathers.
    I wonder if she strained so hard in attempting to clear the constipation, that she ruptured an air sac?
    I've been reading a lot here and found other info about ruptured air sacs.
    Others have lanced the air sac with the syringe of a needle and used iodine to keep things clean.
    I don't have a syringe and don't know how to get one, but will sterilize a sharp needle and lance that air sac.
    I don't have iodine, but do have rubbing alcohol and neomycin. Can I use those instead?
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    Apr 12, 2011
    Another update - maybe this will help someone else who has a chick with these sort of problems.

    I went to Farm & Fleet, purchased 3 syringes (20 gauge) & Bimeda Tetroxy-HCA-280 (the only tetracycline they had for chickens).
    This product (and its packaging) is geared towards someone in the poultry industry, not the humble backyard chicken owner. So figuring out the dosage for one chick was a little bit of a challenge.
    Starting with the help of another BYC posting...I would need to put 1/10 of a tsp in 2 gallons of water - that would give me the correct dose.
    But, since I had a 1/8 tsp measuring spoon, I put 1/8 tsp in 2 gallons of water.
    Then put 2 cups of that into the quart-size chick waterer. I added 1/2 cup more plain water to hopefully get it to the right proportion.
    I used an eye dropper to get the chicky-baby to drink some of that before I did anything else.

    Then to take care of the air bubble on its neck...
    Rubbed iodine on the bubble. then used the needle to pierce it. Then dabbed it with iodine again. I set her down and put the waterer in her box and then put in some fresh food (new brand).
    She spent 10 minutes eating that - Hurray! [​IMG]
    Now if the tetracycline and iodine do their magic, we will avoid an infection and get her back with her "flock" in a week. She was trying to hop out of the box when she heard the others peeping. But I won't put her back yet - think the others will pick on her if she's not 100%.
    I'll give her the tetracycline in her water for 1 week and keep an eye on her.
    More later....
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    Sorry, no experience with this type of incident but very glad to hear she's feeling better! Great job!! [​IMG]
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    Jul 8, 2012
    I don't know if you will see this message since so much time has passed... I really appreciate your post and am having what may be a similar problem. I as well posted but no reply. What ever happened to her?
    We haven't tried to release the air for ours but may need to because it is getting larger. Sadly, hers is located on the rear below the vent and some concern it may be something else so quite a bit of hesitation yet....

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    I have a chick coming out of the egg and I can see 2 sections of a large air sac! I'm terrified never experienced this... if the chick makes it out ok, I will pop the air bubble I guess... this is crazy... what is it caused by? Anyone know?

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