10 day old chick panting/labored breathing. Why?

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    Mar 13, 2011
    I recently acquired 3 baby chicks from a local breeder: a Light Brahma, a Welsummer and a Black Copper Marans. A few days ago, my Black Copper Marans (Sophie) began panting and was having labored breathing. Sophie also appeared to be weak, would occasionally shake her head from side to side, sneeze every now and then, and didn't seem to eat or drink very much. Along with those symptoms, Sophie wouldn't move much and would sometimes chirp as she breathes. My other two chicks, Dixie and Trudy, are very healthy and doing great.

    The weird thing is that Sophie's symptoms are intermittent....

    I've checked the temperatures in the brooder, and they're not too high (90 degrees going into their second week). They all have plenty of room to escape the heat. They have fresh water and food. I don't suspect a disease since none of the other two are sick or showing similar symptoms. I'm new to raising chicks, am I missing something?
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    When my chickens get sick, I medicate them just like I do myself and my kids. I'd consider getting the medicated feed (maybe just a weeks or two worth.) You can contact your vet and see what he/she thinks. I don't like to medicate when there is no reason but if there is some bacteria problem, it is worth the effort. Of course, you won't ever be organic but a dead chick isn't either.

    I know the old farmers would say cull her as that is never a good sign but if you are only wanting a few chickens, and you aren't looking to be a big breeder, try to save her anyway you can. [​IMG] My opinion...
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    The "medication" in almost all the readily available chick foods is not a medication for any bacterial illness.....it's a preventative for coccidiosis.

    It could be just a failure to thrive chick since your others seem to be doing ok so far.

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