10 days old chicks' weight to calculate medication dosage.

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    Jan 18, 2017
    I have two 10 day old chicks that have been displaying lose fecal matters two days after hatching. I have been monitoring them. There are some dry poo, some solids with wet stains, and some loose stools. They were getting the Manna Pro medicated Chicks Starter feed, so not sure if that was the culprit, I alternated regular chick starter feed with crushed up boiled egg and wet oat meal with probiotic and liquid vitamin b (Chicken Booster). At times adding garlic and cayenne pepper. This stool problem continued with no blood,

    A couple of days ago, I decided to try adding a tbsp of raw ACV to a quart of their drinking water hoping it can get rid of whatever bacteria is in their gut. This morning, I saw some intestinal tissues (red blood like texture) in one of the chick's poo. I started them both on Corid water. I've been reading Corid usage and dosage.

    I'm thinking about putting them on some dewormer (Safe-guard) in case it is a worm issue causing this and one of the thread mentioned it is okay to give Corid and Safe-Guard together. I don't have an appropriate scale that can weigh but need help calculating dosage as i do not know what they weigh. To determine dosage, I need to know the weight of the chicken. They are the size of chicks you see in TSC sells, (regular, not bantams). I do know the dosage is .5cc for 2.5 lbs of chicken. Any estimate regards to 10 day old chicks' weight?

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