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    Nov 2, 2011
    So DS thinks he has 3 girls and 1 roo. Thought I would check and see what you guys think. His reasoning is that 3 of them are already developing tail feathers and the 4th one is not.
    We originally hatched out 6 but lost 2--literally they just vanished one afternoon. The eggs came from a farm in a nearby town so our broody girl could be a momma. And she is being such a super momma.
    The third one from momma is the suspected roo...
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    With my white leghorns I could not tell by feathering or tails because 3 had early tails & 2 did not. It turned out I had 4 roosters and 1 pullet. But I could tell by comb by week Four because the roosters all had much taller combs and pinker too. By week six it was obvious because the roosters grew their red wattles quickly. And week 6 they started to crow. Hope this helps.

    With our new clutch of lavender Orpington chicks I've already pegged 1 rooster because of the huge comb from day 1. All the others have little combs so I'm hoping I have 1 rooster & 4 pullers. Time will tell.
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    THAT I SOO CUTE!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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