10+ D'uccle eggs: porcelain roos over porcelain and mille fleur NPIP


11 Years
Feb 1, 2008
St Louis MO (Jefferson County)

2 Porcelain d'uccle roosters over 6 porcelain d'uccle hens and 2 mille fleur hens will give plenty of cute d'uccle chicks! Fertility rates have been between 75-90% on shipped eggs, and hatch rates anywhere from 25% to 82% on shipped eggs. I pack with plenty of bubble wrap, and no one has reported any broken eggs yet. My roosters are from UglyDuckly's flock and my hens from Estes and Ideal Hatcheries. None of my breeders have toes missing claws, and the roosters each have 5 points nicely spaced on their combs.

I can ship to any state that accepts the standard pullorum-typhoid-avian influenza free NPIP tested status.

Paypal is [email protected] and they will ship tuesday.

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