10 d'uccle eggs (porcelain roos over porcelain & mille fleur hens)NPIP

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  1. My flock is starting to finish their molt and lay again, so I will have a few more batches of d'uccle eggs this year (if we don't eat them). Porcelain roos over 4 porcelain and 2 mille fleur hens. You will get plenty of bubble wrap in the package. Fertility has been running 75 to 85%, and hatch rates from 30 to 100%. The roosters are from Ugly Duckly's stock, and the hens are from hatchery stock. Most of the males hatched have been turning up with nice combs and color. I can ship to any state that accepts standard NPIP paperwork. These are really sweet birds, you will become addicted to d'uccles! Paypal will be expected Monday to ship tuesday or wednesday to [email protected]

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    What color do you get when you cross the Porcelain and Millie Fleur?
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    MF with a split lav, so in the following generations a lav *could* show up, thats my understanding.
  4. I'll take pics tonight of my chicks hatched last month by my broody d'uccles
  5. [​IMG]




    The first three pics are from my own flock from my broody hen hatch, and the bottom has some older chicks in the middle that are from my own flock. The younger ones are just as docile and sweet as can be.
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    How old will the eggs be when they are shipped?
  7. I don't ship any that are more than 5 days old unless the paypal isn't received in a timely manner. My hens have been recovering from a molt , and I'm going to have to close this listing because my husband made pancakes and used all our eggs in the fridge, so any I collect now for a week or two will be for us to eat. Sorry everyone! But the pancakes sure were yummy! I'll post another auction when our fridge is stocked again.

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