10+ extra Lavender and Porcelain Isabelle silkie eggs-NY ship


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Dec 16, 2008
I had to re-list my auctions if you have any questions please PM or e-mail me

At long last I am finally ready to ship out eggs from my lavender pen and Porcelain Isabelle pen.

The lavender pen has a beautiful black lav split seen below over 9 lavender hens/pullets all of my best

I am hatching out some black and lots of full lavs from these eggs. Although a lot of girls my roo seems to be keeping up.

The PI pen consists of 4 2X lavsplit/grey pullets/hens and 4 Buff/Lav splits with 2 nice 3rd generation Lav roos I am hatching both PI and full lavs as well as the "occasional what is that color?" chicks

My last hatch was 88% and almost 100% fertile.

. See this thread on how I package my eggs for shipping https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=289676

I am so happy with my last hatch and knowing that these eggs will probably sell for quiet a bit I am offering a guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your hatch and hatch out only 2 PI and 2 Lavender or less and you promise that you did everything right as far as incubating goes I will replace the eggs with either new eggs or 4 actual live chicks you pay shipping cost only.
Please keep in mind that a 50% ratio of hatched chicks from shipped eggs is considered good

fyi I can not ship any live birds to Ohio BUT i CAN SHIP EGGS.

here are some pics All pics are quiet old some a year or more, many pics are from when they were juveniles and they have filled in considerably since then. I plan to take all new pics this summer.

Lav Pen: some hens are beardless but have great type the roo is bearded












From the PI lav pen

I dont have many pics of the buff splits but here are some with the old roo he has been sold I will need to take new pics of the 2 lav roos as I cant find any at the moment. I will add later this week along with some new pics of the buff lav splits.



These are old pics of the weird 2X lav splits that are now being bred with the 2 full lavs



PI I hatched out last year from the same hens as now with a full roo as sire the ones I am hatching now look just like she did at that age.

My goal with the lavenders is to have a rich dark lav color as opposed to the more washed out lighter lav color. With each generation I am getting that richer lav color predominately but since it is so hard to see in pictures I went out and picked up paint samples. I have found that the best representative of the lav color my birds have is from Benjamin Moore. My breeder birds are either Hampshire Rocks #1450 or Violet Pearl #1451 (this is the color I am most happy with) both having overtones of After the rain #1452 and Pebble Creek #1453 in them. These are all on one card sample so you can get an idea of what to expect
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