10+ F1 Black sex-link chickens or Pekin ducks hatching eggs


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For your consideration are 10+ Black sex-link chickens or Pekin duck hatching eggs. The black sex-links are first-generation crosses between Barred Rock hens penned with a BC Marans rooster. The ducks are pure, I only have Pekin ducks in my free-range flock. These are available to ship as soon as cleared payment is received. I accept Postal or Walmart MO or Paypal ONLY--no checks or e-checks please!
I wrap the eggs to the best of my ability but I do not mark the boxes. In my experience, labels like 'fragile' and 'hatching eggs' on the box translate to 'stomp me' and 'run me over with a truck' in post office lingo. Eggs will be double-boxed, wrapped with newspaper, and shipped inside an egg carton.
I guarantee my eggs to arrive safe to you when packed in this fashion (newspaper, unmarked box). I do not guarantee that your eggs will hatch. However, if any of the eggs are damaged upon arrival I will replace them (after verification photo is received) provided that you pay shipping. I cannot afford to send out 'free' eggs at my expense. However, if you request a different method of packing I will accommodate you but it will render this guarantee null.
Shipping is based on your zip code. I can ship both in the same box if needed.
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hello! I am REALLY responding to your earlier post about your frizzles. I have a question and am hoping you can help. This is my first try with bantams and I got 6 about 2 weeks ago.They were alreadyabout 2 weeks old (from a feed store) Well, today we went back and in the same bin was 1 black frizzle chicken. Pretty sure he's a roo-already getting a comb and his wing feathers are frizzled well. Only problem was that there were LOTS of mixed chicks and some of them were in bad shape (they were on clearance, of all things) He was not bleeding but it seems like a lot of his down on his back is just gone like he was shaved or something.

Will he feather out or have I invested in a problom? Of course, no one at the feed store knows anything...didn;t even know what he was but said they had a few with "funny feathers" and he was the only black one...

I appreciate all ideas and thoughts!!!

Allison Still
(6 buff orps, 6 austrolorps, 3 SLW, 6 Barred Rocks (1 is a GORGEOUS roo-but don't tell him), 7 bantams (1 is modern-strange bird), 4 french black copper marans, and 13 quail. Not to mention 2 dogs, 2 daughters, 1 hubby, 30 acres, and a job teaching math.

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