10+ French Black Copper Marans eggs, JEANE/PRESLEY LINES, NOW NPIP

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    Nov 29, 2009

    This auction is for 10 eggs. I will send extras if available to compensate for any eggs that may be damaged during transit.

    These are first and second year layers. My main Roo is pure Jean lines and the original hens are Jean/Presley. The hens have been consistently marked and the pullets I am getting are also very consistent. All of our breeding stock are feathered. They are laying nice dark eggs with the older hens lightening up as they have been laying since last fall. The pic of the eggs is current as of 2.16.11 and were not altered in any way. In fact these eggs were sent out that same day. The eggs are starting to lighten up but you are getting the genetics that are producing these dark eggs. Occasionally we get a clean legged chick. We have seen this with the 3rd and 4th generation. I have a ratio of 4 roos to 17 hens currently.
    I cannot guarantee your hatch due to shipping/handling and incubation methods. I will pack them very well, individually in bubble wrap. I will send my darkest eggs at the time of shipping. The eggs will be collected at the close of this auction and shipped out after payment has cleared. Please pay promptly as these eggs will be packaged and any delay will affect your hatching.

    Shipping will be USPS priority and will be shipped out on a Mon, Tues, Wed or Sat. Payment is expected immediately after close of auction and payment is by Paypal only, NO ECHECKS.

    Please keep in mind hatching eggs are a RISK. You may get several to hatch or you may get a few or you may get none depending on the handling they get from the postal service, which I have no control over. If you do not agree with this and do not want to take the risk PLEASE DO NOT BID. I won't be replacing eggs due to handling or your incubation methods. IF they are damaged in transit and there are more eggs damaged than the extras sent, please email me with pics and statement of damage from the post office. Please make sure you are available to receive your eggs or leave a note for your postal worker to leave your eggs if you are not home if there is any doubt they will not do so. There is no signing for your eggs so your postal worker should leave your eggs. If there is a possibility that you will not be home let me know and I can put a Hold for Pickup so they will call you when they arrive. I have no control what the postal service does when shipping your eggs. But feel free to check the feedback here for some of the buyers results.

    If I don't answer your questions right away please EMAIL me. my paypal is [email protected] you can also email me directly there.
    ALL my breeding birds have feathered legs.

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