10+ French Black Copper Marans NPIPtested reduced to $15 plus shipping

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    Feb 2, 2009
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    10+ French Black Copper Marans Egg are a 6 though 8. Hen have lighted since they started laying.This flock are form some very nice line, like Sandy Poultry, Bayhorse, Channing Grisham, Wade Jeanne Line C1. I have worked hard on get the egg color dark. One of the hens and rooster has been showed in JR class did very well. Can not guarantee egg once leave the Post Office. Each egg is wrap in bubble wrap placed in an egg carton.Carton is wrap with some thing to secure it. The place in a priority box made sure carton can not move and shipped to you door. Check out my www.redroofhens.com
    please Remember egg light as they go though the laying cycle




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    Wow, how pretty!
    So 18 dollars for 10+ eggs still? And then, 15 dollar shipping?
    (Just double checking, I know it sounds like a dumb question.)

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