10+ Lavender Ameraucana and Split Lavender Ameraucana Hatching Eggs


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This auction is for 10 plus Lavender and Split Lavender Ameraucana hatching eggs to be shipped on March 7th. These are large fowl. All pictures are of my own eggs and my own birds. These are some of my most favorite birds out of my entire flock! I just LOVE them.

My flock of Lavender Ameraucanas are from John Blehm and Harry Shaffer. My Black Ameraucanas are from John Blehm. John has sold out of his Lavender and Black Ameraucanas for the year. It is IMPORTANT to breed lavs back to black to help ensure their type.

I have 2 Lav Ameraucana Roos over 5 Lav Ameraucana Hens and 3 Black Ameraucana Hens. Lavender Ameraucanas are still a work in progress. Lavs tend to throw greenish eggs and have a "poofier" look. We are striving to breed for conformation and egg color.

Eggs will be collected 2 days prior to shipping. Buying shipped eggs is a gamble. I take extra care to package these eggs for a safe shipment. I want them to have every chance at life! I have no control over them when I drop them off at the Post Office. Our eggs are very fertile and we have had an excellent hatch rate so far this year.

Any questions feel free to PM me. The winner of this auction can paypal me at [email protected]

Thanks for looking.

These are all eggs from the Lavender Ameraucana pen...collected 2/4/11 and 2/5/11...I fancy they are in the same color scheme as the pottery I made.
This pic was taken in bright sunlight...NO FLASH!

Lav Am chick and Lav Am eggs. Bright flash.

Lavender and Split Lav Eggs collected 2/4/11 and 2/5/11. I added a White Leghorn pullet egg on top to compare color. Pic was taken with the flash on.

Our snowy flock in February.

Nosey alpacas.


A lav ameraucana chick with one of our baby Holland Lop bunnies. I just love this pic.


Some of our breeders in December...back when they were "on strike". Ignore the Welsummer hen.

This is one of the roos from Blehm. His comb needs working out in future offspring, but his body is nice and lean and feathers are tight into his body.

Same roo as a cockerel over the summer. He's a gentle boy.

Chicks we hatched last week. Fatty Lav Ameraucana chick on the right...with a White Orp and Black EE.

Our inquisitive pullets last summer.

Some of the Lavender Ameraucana chicks I hatched.

Lav and Wheaten Ameraucana with a beefcake EE just before Easter last year.

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