10+ LF B/B/S Ameraucana Hatching Eggs ~ Beautiful birds!

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    Our girls are laying great right now so we are able to offer a few orders of hatching eggs.Our flock is standard size. We have been working with this flock for several years and are very happy with our progress. We have a gorgeous black roo and a splash roo over 12 blue, black, and splash hens. Everyone has a nice big muff and all the girls lay a blue egg. Eggs will be collected over no more than three days so they will be very fresh. Priority mail shipment is $15.00 and the first order will ship on Monday. Paypal payment only to [email protected]. We are members of the Ameraucana Breeders Club and the APA.

    This is not an auction. If you would like an order, please PM me and make your payment. I will fill requests in the order they are received. Thanks!
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    Today is day 20 of my second incubation (ever) and includes the eggs I got from you that were delayed by the Post Office. I came home to peeping this morning!! A beautiful silver/yellow Ameraucana chick was making its way out of its shell!! It is strong and healthy!! This afternoon a little black one hatched and more are pipping!!


    I really had no hope for them after the delay, but your eggs must have been very healthy and very well packaged to survive that long delayed trip from SC to UT.

    I will definitely recommend you to others.[​IMG]



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